It's clean up time, guys.

It's been a while... And I noticed the network kinda died off too. But trust me, I'll not create ANOTHER network for that, that's stupid anyway.

Network cleanup? What is exactly going on?

I am going to tidy up and make it more presentable towards my school and the school district. I am also going to make presentable towards younger kids, which means we have to be kid-friendly. Tidying up in this case means:

  • Removing posts which may seem inappropriate
  • Removing personal information such as real names, phone numbers, etc to protect identities. (if you are older than 13, please let me know so I can allow revealing your name for your user if you want)
  • Removing inappropriate topics
  • Minimizing the use of profanity to as little as possible.
  • I will be adding terms and conditions to the network

Below is a table I made which I'll probably update later

issueIf modIf a userIf admin
An inappropriate post is foundreview post and let me know why it should be deletedReport it by clicking the 3 dots OR by clicking the "Write your issue here' button. Please do not use the Crisp chat as I will not resolve it instantly via there.that's an admin thing
I'm breaking a rule!!1Bruh u gotta tell meLet me know If you are not me let me know

Many things are going to change on this network (and this post will be updated too)


-Good vibes from Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie