Hello self-isolators and welcome to the first self-isolation discussion!

Here, I'm going to discuss how my dad and I are doing during self-isolation.

So, on Friday night of April 24, My dad didn't wanted to be self-isolated anymore.

So, what happened was he was going to prepare for a trip to Des Moines, IA. That's next to Missouri.

So, he decided to go with me. We left at 5:10 PM and I was ready for another vacation. But, during COVID-19; as unexpected. 

So, my dad went to the I-15 North to go to Salt Lake City, UT.  We was going to pass by. It was evening when We arrived at Utah. 

Later on at night, my dad went to get some gas and Mcdonald hamburgers. Turns out, I now like McDonalds' hamburgers. So, we later called my mom to see what was going on at home. 

We later arrived at a rest area to brush our teeth because my dad was tired. It was Midnight.

So, I went to sleep until like 7 AM.

My dad slept a few hours to get to Denver, CO. We have friends there. When I arrived, I got out my chromebook and started to do homework. I then realised that there was no WIFI because I'm in another place. 

I later got the WIFI.

Then, I relaxed and talked about why we decided to come.

Then, I went outside to see Canadian Geese. Later, I went to a lake to find some treasure using a metal detector. I only found 2 tent nails.

Then, We headed over to a trail nearby. My dad wanted a nap. So, I went on the trail for 1/2 a mile. 

When we came back, I took a shower. My dad followed after I was done. Then, I brushed my teeth and had some smoked salmon. 

So, I'm planning to arrive to Des Moines on 4/26. That's tomorrow for people who see this, that's today for people who see this tomorrow.

I hope you enjoy this article.

Bye and peace out!