We all know we can't go to school due to the fact that the supervisor of the school district said that classes will be canceled for a month until after spring break. We all have our chromebooks meaning that we need to do our school work electronically. We will have to do this for 3 weeks until spring break.

Now, think twice on this suspension for the schools. Is it a vacation?

No! Due to the fact that in this state, that there are only 5 cases, 3 in a house while the other 2 is in [different] hospitals. They are both positive.

Be advised that in Lied, some people are sick. I enforce them to stay away from me because they might have the Coronavirus/COVID-19. 

So yeah. 

Make sure to do your work electronically because that's our only option for those grades.

Anyway, have fun being home for a month, stay safe, don't get sick and most IMPORTANTLY,