Hello fellow users of Lettuce.it, or any other LCTapps services.

LCTapps is currently going through some bugs, I'll try to fix them shortly.

Also, a new service called the LCTapps Marketplace will be making it's debut when the bug is fixed. If you have Discord, join my server (link is in the LCTapps bar on the top left. it's the discord logo icon) I'll try to provide details to my fellow users.

Another bug I found was that the homepage was not at all working in CSurf Browser when in the app hub, or running by itself.

Updates for Lettuce.it will be postponed until these bugs are somehow fixed or when the school year starts again.

Another update that is coming up is the new security feature to CSurf Browser. What is this? Let's quickly go over it. The security feature is a way to prevent school students from using CSurf Browser for unblocking sites. I'm trying to present/promote LCTapps services to a larger audience and my first target is school, and the school district if possible. And in order to do this, I cannot present any of the LCTapps services as a unblocking tool or the school will block all of the services if something isn't right or suspicious.

How does this security thing work? 

A long time ago, before i made Cobbler Box OS, or Cobbler Droid OS (CDroidOS for short) i made a simple coding project where you would be prompted via a chrome alertBox and would have to enter a password to open a specific website.  I'm going to use a similar version but instead of the browser opening in a new tab/window, it will remain in the dedicated app it's in on the app hub, or page. The password will change VERY often so if a student shares the password, it will not be valid after a specific amount of time. I'm planning on changing the password once a week, but if things are bad, it will be 2 days a week or even daily. I might need helpers who can code a little bit in HTML, CSS, and maybe JS. In order to join LCTapps, please email lcteatsoatmeal@gmail.com

Now with bad news out of the way, I have GOOD NEWS! :)

I'm currently making a game via Google Slides (yea you aren't hallucinating I'm using Google Slides) and it's codename is the LCTapps VN (visual novel) project. You can check it out here.

Welp, this sums up the updates and bugs and stuff. Thanks for signing up for Lettuce.it, and being a LCTapps user, and thank you guys for being my friends!

good vibes from Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie, your network host!