Hello there friends of Lettuce.it!

On 5/8/20, I arrived at home without any breakdowns or any bad incidents.

I had a very good trip with my dad during this self-isolation.

I had so much fun with my friends, taking photos, videos and even enjoying new food!

My dad decided to make this because he's going back to work on 5/11/20.

So far, we went through Denver, CO and it was snowing!

My dad took pics and his car got dirty!

We went to St. Louis, MO to see the Gateway arch. 

We even got to see the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium!

There was even a small area for souvenirs, autographs and more!

On the way back, my dad went by route 66 and stopped at a rainfall point where rain goes to the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean!

It was very nice to go on a self-isolation trip.

Thanks for reading this friends!