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We added signing in to Google! Wowza!

The LCTapps about page are out (not finished) check it out!

new, urgent!

Lettuce Cobbler Twinkie's IRL cakeday (birthday) is coming up on the 17th. :O 

mysty liked 2 months ago

Network Cleanup! Please read!

It's clean up time, guys.

It's been a while... And I noticed the network kinda died off too. But trust me, I'll not create ANOTHER network for that, that's stupid anyway.

Network cleanup? What is exactly going on?

I am... (More)

Angevin liked 2 months ago

We're decked for the holidays, are you ready to end the year?

2020 is a big pain in the bum, so we decorated our network so there's a bit of hope and happiness before 2020 ends.

Also... Are you staying at home and washing your hands? Do you know how you are... (More)

So windows96 made another album—oh wait nobody is here hahahaha


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